The Bridge Model™- 


The Bridge Model™ is an open source solution model for ending this crisis of elderly veterans dying alone and his or her remains going unclaimed in morgues and funeral homes throughout the country.    The Bridge Model™ has the backing of doctoral-level research, several pilot studies, and the efforts of hundreds of early supporters.

The strategy involves and rewards colleges, students, veterans, businesses, volunteers, and includes the requirement to update existing laws to ensure that this crisis ends.  These changes provide our older veterans the assurance they will not die alone, safeguards his or her remains and memories, and integrates the veterans’ experiences into the community to permanently honor our heroes.

The identification and integration of knowledge and accomplishments of veterans into our society is a critical and necessary goal for our country.  This knowledge is at risk of being lost to history.  At current death rates, our entire World War II Generation will be lost in three in and half years.  And this crisis is affecting veterans of all generations.

The knowledge, experiences, achievements, and lessons learned from our military veterans are critical components to the solutions of many social problems.  Furthermore, integrating this knowledge will improve the effectiveness of education in many areas.  The initial focus of the Flowers for Eva™ Initiative is to identify, document, honor, and integrate the knowledge and experiences of 17 veterans whose remains went unclaimed, to help end this health care crisis in the veteran community.